Adamco Products
Serratiopeptidase enteric-coated tablets

Pharmacological Category:
Anti-inflammatory and anti-tumefacient enzyme

Adanase: each enteric-coated tablet contains: 5mg serratiopeptidase (10,000 I.U.)

Adanase / Adanase Fort : accelerates the breaking down of the abnormal proteins and exudates, and increases the blood circulation in the inflamed area, which helps in the excretion of decomposed products.

Adanase / Adanase Fort :
  • Provides mucous liquefying properties.
  • Improves antibiotic concentration at the inflamed / inflected area.

Dosage and Administration:
One enteric-coated tablet three times daily or as directed by the physician.
Tablet should not be chewed or divided before swallowing.

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