Adamco Products
Oral hypoglycemic Sulfonamide

Each tablet contains: 80 mg gliclazide.

Admicron differs from other hypoglycemic oral compounds in that it has a dual
 Pharmacological activity: it has both metabolic and original microvascular properties.

Metabolic Properties:
Gliclazide has an insulin-secreting action and potentiates the insulin-secreting effect of glucose. The risk of hypoglycemia is low thanks to the progressive hypoglycemic action of gliclazide and its half-life of 12 hours which allows two daily administrations.

Microvasculare Properties:
Glicazide induces a decrease in platelet adhesiveness and aggregation, a reduction in platelet turnover, and a normalization of endothelial fibrinolytic activity. Studies have shown that gliclazide significantly slows down the progression of diabetic retinopathy at the preproliferative (background) stage.
In diabetic nephropathy, gliclazide produces a significant decrease in proteinuria and a better control of blood pressure and blood glucose without modifying renal function.

Administration & Dosage:

Adamicron is administered orally in conjunction with the dietary therapy.
The dosage is determined by the physician and must be strictly observed by the patient. In the majority of cases: 2 tablets daily, in divided doses.
When substituting Adamicron for another treatment, discontinue the previous drug before administering Adamicron

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