Vitamins & Minerals
Adamco Products

Indications & Use:

Adavit ProKids Chewable tablets are also used to prevent and treat vitamin and mineral deficiencies caused by other illnesses and lifestyle disturbances such as:
  • The medication to be use for the prevention and multivitamins deficiency and the anemia caused by bad nutrition and unbalanced diet
  • In case of using antibiotics against acute infections
  • In case of diarrhea for long time
  • In case of disorder of the process of carbohydrate protein and fat metabolism
  • after surgery to help the remedy of tissues quickly
  • In case of the abnormal growth
  • In case of tissues injuries like burns, bruises and wounds
  • for children who do sports
  • For Gastrointestinal disorders(especially those involving febrile illness), prolonged or wasting disease. Antibacterials which affect intestinal microflora, or other interfering drugs.
  • Conditions causing depletion, or reduced absorption or bioavailability of essential vitamins and minerals
  • Chronic and acute infections
  • Prolonged or wasting disease
  • Diabetes
  • Certain conditions resulting from severe B-vitamin Cheilosis, gingivitis, stomatitis and certain other classic water-soluble vitamin deficiency syndromes.